We place a high value on families. We believe that strong marriages and families are the foundation of strong churches and communities. We want all couples to have the necessary information and tools needed to build a home with a strong foundation. In addition to strengthening marriages, we desire to encourage and equip all moms and dads as they raise their children. We provide numerous marriage and parenting growth opportunities throughout the year through classes and events.  Because families are our foundation, we are committed to providing the building blocks for a spiritually strong family. 
For more info on our this ministry contact family@gracebc.org
(On campus)
Sunday Morning
Ages 30 & up | Tom & Sandy Roberts | F-305
Ages 50 & up | Tom Alford | E-100
Ages 40 & up | Link McGinnis | E-301
Ages 30 & up | Tom & Sandy Roberts |E-100
Ages 50 & up | Marty Lane | E-102
All ages (singles or married) | Bryan & Kari Robertson | E-303
Wednesday Night
Age 30s&40s | Jared & Kelli Tharpe | E-101
Thursday Night
Ages 55 & up | Katrina Aberdeen | E-100
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