“Then he (the thief) said, ‘Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.’ Jesus answered him, ‘I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise’.”  -Luke 23:42-43


“Actions speak louder than words.”  Jesus’ actions spoke volumes yesterday!  His words carried great weight also.  His followers are dazed and confused today, recalling every word that they can remember Jesus speaking, trying to make sense of what they have just witnessed.

The image of the “Skull”, the stony hill that held the cross of Jesus, lingered like a black cloud in their minds.  They found themselves in the position of being “Second-Day Believers.”

Second-Day Believers:


  • have crippling fears and wounded faith
  • sit in darkness, confused with no great expectations
  • struggle to believe the promises spoken by God
  • give more weight to their circumstances than to God’s word
  • have been robbed of their joy


Every true believer will face these temptations; but, let me re-assure you at this point.  The sun does not cease to exist because the clouds have moved in.  If Jesus spoke it, you can count on it!  If you do not have a word from God, ask Him to give you one.  Always remember what you see and what you feel does not change the reality of His presence.




  1. Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”  (Luke 23:34)                                 Forgiveness is available to you today.


  1. “Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.” (Luke 23:43)

The testimony of faith can save the most desperate souls from the most desperate circumstances.


  1. “Woman, behold your Son! ….Behold your mother.” (John 19:26-27)

                        If Jesus ministered to people while hanging on the cross, imagine how

                        He can minister from the throne room in heaven!!


  1. My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?”  (Mark 15:34)

                        When Jesus became sin for us, for the only time in history, He was                                          separated from His Father.  Separation from God grieves both God and His children.


  1. “I thirst.”  (John 19:28)

                        Jesus thirsted on the cross to fill your life with His presence.


  1. “It is finished.”  (John 19:30)

                        God does not do things half way.  Keep waiting on Him.


  1. “Father, into your hand I commend my Spirit.”  (Luke 23:46)

                        In your suffering, entrust yourself to God.




            Have you ever wondered what Jesus was doing on Saturday? 

            According to Scripture, souls of the dead are awake, not asleep. 

            Jesus told the thief that today (Friday) he would be with Him in Paradise.
            Scripture tells us that Jesus did not ascend to heaven to receive His resurrected body until days after His resurrection; so,“paradise” did not mean “heaven” in this instance.

            What was Jesus doing? …He was testifying! … He testified in “Sheol”, the place where souls descended before the resurrection of Jesus.

  • He testified by preaching to the fallen angels and faithless souls in

                 the area of torment, confirming His victory on the cross.

                 (I Peter 3:18-19)

  • He testified to the souls of faith in “Abraham’s bosom,” the place

                 of comfort, confirming that the Savior they had longed for had

                 indeed come to take them home!  These became the “first-fruits

                 of the resurrection.”  (Matthew 27:52-53)


The grave did not silence the testimony of Jesus.  Do not let circumstances silence

your testimony. Just because you cannot hear His voice, it does not mean He is not speaking. Just because you cannot see His face, it does not mean He is not here.