1. Discipleship groups are formed; not joined. The first step is to identify 2-3 people ready for a higher level of accountability to spiritual disciplines. It is helpful if you have a pre-existing relationship with these people so that trust is easier to forge in the group.

2. The second step is to invite them to join you in a yearlong Bible reading plan. You will commit to meeting for an hour a week for 12 months with the intention of everyone multiplying and starting their own d-groups the following year. Have them sign the discipleship covenant provided and pick a day, time, and place to meet weekly.

3. Finally, invest in the group! Begin your weekly meetings and grow with each other. Trust and authenticity are key to these groups so start by sharing your testimony in week one. Then ask the others to take a week to share their stories as well. Talk through what God has been showing you in your Bible reading and challenge each other to be doers of the Word. Pray for one another and remember this is a great opportunity to bear each other’s burdens (Galatians 6:2).