Tuesdays in June & July
6:30-8pm in the Student Building 
Childcare available with registration
In Mark 8 Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do people say I am and who do you say I am?” Seeing Jesus accurately through Scripture is foundational to following Him. This summer we will take an introductory look at the doctrine of Christology and examine the seven I Am statements of Christ to better understand who Jesus is and how He changes everything.
Women of the Word is a series of Grace Teaching Groups designed to promote Biblical literacy and theological understanding in environments where women are comfortable contributing to the learning process.  These teaching groups are conducted in classroom settings with the focus on learning how to study the Bible.  By utilizing the inductive Bible study method, we will focus on growing in knowledge and understanding of God.  We will use our time of study to move from comprehension (what does the text say) to interpretation (what does it mean) to application (how does this change me?)

All you need for this class is a study Bible, colored pens, and a three-ring binder to keep notes. 

Recommended Study Bibles:

ESV Study Bible – Life Application Study Bible – CSB Study Bible

Grace Women Growing Together is a discipleship journey that seeks to engageencourage, and equip women through mentoring relationships to exalt God by fulfilling the Biblical mandate to make and teach disciples.

 Grace Women Growing Together: A Discipleship Journey is a ministry birthed from the desire for Grace Women to “grow up” in their faith, as described in Ephesians 4:11-16.   As Christ followers we are called to develop healthy growth so that we build up the Body of Christ to function as God designed it – to make and develop more disciples of Christ.

We are pairing women together in a mentor/mentee relationship where discipleship will occur within the framework of intentional relationships.  Women will devote themselves to intentionally growing in their walk with Christ. 

With the mutual encouragement these discipleship relationships will offer, women are committed to consistently spending time in God’s Word while developing and strengthening spiritual disciplines.
For more info contact women@gracebc.org
Desiree Lowe
Women’s Ministry Director